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RSPCA Analytics: Case Study Event


RSPCA SA now uses customised dashboards to deliver insight across the organisation, in real-time.

Together, RSPCA SA, SRA and Yellowfin have modernised charity and NFP data analysis and management with a world leading Business Intelligence program.

The RSPCA is hosting an event to showcase their achievement, facilitate networking  and provide the opportunity for you to learn how you too can implement and use customised dashboards to:
– Target Marketing Investment       – Reduce Attrition Rates
– Increase Income per Donor          – Target Your Demographic
– Predict and Forecast Revenue       – And More

If there is someone else you think should be attending this event, please feel free to share this with them.

4-6pm on Thursday 16th June 2016

RSPCA South Australia
16 Nelson Street
Stepney  SA 5069

RSVP using the link below or by emailing:



SAP BusinessObjects 3.1 is out of support in December.

Farewell BOBJ 3.1! Thanks for the memories.

I got used to your quirky ways and your memory restrictions. I was content with your CPU-based licensing and could put up with not being able to upgrade to Windows Server 2012. Heck you might even have done me a favour by not supporting Windows 8!

Alas, the time has come… We are all going to have to move on, and soon.

BOBJ 3.1 End of LifeIf you didn’t upgrade to BOBJ 4.0, you probably saved yourself some headaches, but 4.1 is a pretty solid platform and offers some rather nice new toys that should make the upgrade worth it – once you bight the bullet. Migration can be a bit involved, but the time and effort are relatively predictable once you understand where the “gotchas” are.

Once you get into 4.1 you can play with Lumira and BusinessObjects Mobile – scorecards, interactive dashboards and geo-analysis, all within a Webi report. Nice!

With new tools like BI Launchpad, Information Design Tool, Design Studio, Information Steward and plenty more, you will catch up with SAP’s new directions without being totally unfamiliar.

All-in-all, 4.1 offers great new capability that you won’t know you need until you get it, and then you won’t know how you lived without it.

There are new licensing options and technically, you get a 64-bit application that you can actually tune for performance. You get to upgrade your operating systems (what no more XP?) and you will end up with a stable new environment with far greater capabilities across the board.

We know migrating to new versions (of anything) probably isn’t anyone’s favourite project, but don’t leave this one to the last minute.

BOBJ 3.1 to 4.1 migration isn’t horrendous or especially risky, but there are the usual surprises you need to be prepared for and you can expect a bit of a rush late in the year, which will make it hard to access the people who have done this before and know what to expect.

Good luck with your upgrade to BusinessObjects 4.1. Enjoy!

At the end of the day, it’s a step you will be obliged to undertake soon, so get your planning underway.

SRA has put together a BusinessObjects Upgrade and Migration Success Plan, based on our many and varied upgrade projects, to help make your upgrade relatively painless.

Contact us now on 1300 855 396 or to discuss how we can help or download our BusinessObjects Upgrade and Migration Success Plan.

SRA to give NT tourism marketing an intimate touch

SRA is excited to be one of only eight local agencies in the Northern Territory to be awarded a place on the new 3 year, $24 million panel contract for domestic creative and media services for the Territory’s tourism marketing.

Glen Helen Gorge NT blog

Our Darwin office is filled with passionate locals who are involved in their community. Being part of this panel will give them the opportunity to work on projects that are not only in the interest of their state, but will potentially showcase the Northern Territory to the rest of the world.

“This new approach is exciting to be involved in. It will give tourism marketing for the Territory a very personal and realistic touch as the local agencies will be able to represent our state on a more intimate level,” SRA Regional Manager, Camille Fong Lim said.

In a recent press release from the Northern Territory Newsroom, Chief Minister of the Northern Territory and Minister for Tourism, Adam Giles highlighted the aim of this new approach as being to grow local capability and capacity while providing Territory businesses with a slice of our tourism marketing budget.

“Territory creative agencies have a big role to play in telling the Territory’s tourism story on the local, national and regional stage,” Mr Giles said.

The new panel of agencies will provide services in the areas of media, creative, photography, filming, editing, audio and digital services across all levels of tourism marketing.

Link to the official NT Government Press Release

Tactical Self-Service Business Analytics

  • Ever wished you had the exact right report pre-configured waiting for you?

  • Do you dread that feeling you get when your reports are due?

  • Have you had to guess a forecast on the run because access to data is limited to your desktop?

  • Has someone asked you for more info after showing off a dashboard?

  • Can you even measure your team’s KPIs?

In mid-2014, SRA entered a formal partnership with Yellowfin Business Intelligence. This allows SRA to not only offer clients the Yellowfin BI licensing suite, but also conduct expert Professional Services on the suite and in general around best practice in Business Intelligence.

After client consultation, market research, pricing analysis and product development; we are proud to launch the Self-Service Business Intelligence Package.

Make Informed Decisions, CONFIDENTLY!

We developed the fully functional Business Intelligence package to allow rapid deployment of critical reports and dashboards for business units requiring information now.

When designing this package we were conscious of:

  • Granting access to the latest technology
  • Letting people decide how they want their information presented
  • Allowing users to “go mobile” with their reports and dashboards
  • Not limiting functionality
  • Fostering collaboration within reporting teams
  • Ensuring the offering includes everything for users to take control themselves
  • Making the solution scalable should the need arise to grow

and do all this for an entry level price point, within 1 week so smaller groups and people under restrictive budgets and time pressure can get what they want now!

Take a peek:

YF Pic 2

A bit about Yellowfin:

With more than 1,000,000 users globally Yellowfin is the number one Business Intelligence choice for organizations of all sizes.  Hundreds of thousands of people like you use Yellowfin every day to improve their business performance. Yellowfin provides the insight you need to make better business decisions – from monitoring sales activity, assessing risk, measuring project success, or tracking key financial indicators.

Yellowfin is Beautiful, Balanced and Brilliant. From data to dashboards Yellowfin delivers a brilliant analytical experience. The interface is more than beautiful – it provides all the data discovery features that you will ever need.  All this whilst providing a fine balance between the ease of use organisations require and the governance needs of enterprise IT.

Dashboards are the perfect way to monitor your business. Combine all the data you need into personalized real-time dashboards. The dashboards are highly interactive – filter, drill to detail, and analyse right in a browser. With Yellowfin, you can go from data to dashboards in just hours; not weeks or months.

You will love Yellowfin’s mobile app. It combines outstanding collaborative features with great usability – simply swipe to browse dashboards, filter with a tap of a finger, or pinch and zoom. The unique approach means that as soon as you publish a report, it’s enabled on your favourite mobile device immediately.

So what’s actually in the pack?

The package is made up from the intentional combination of the below items to deliver maximum impact.  When combined, these items deliver an end-to-end solution designed specifically to make your business life easier within just ONE week.

  • 5 named user licenses: additional users can be bought, however the minimum is 5
  • Mobile App: the package includes the mobile Application for all users
  • Implementation: we will install Yellowfin, connect the package to your data, configure your users and test everything
  • Reports and Dashboards: we will create reports and dashboards within Yellowfin BI on your data
  • Training: SRA expert consultants will be onsite with you to conduct complete training for your team
  • Roadmap: the package is designed to leave you with a solution you can build on, so we include a roadmap of your goals we uncover during implementation for you to take over and run with

We’re in and out in 5 days after delivering your most critical reports and dashboards, confident that you have the power to build more very easily, as well as your PC, you’ll have the app on your mobile and tablet, your teams will be more productive, your boss won’t believe how accurate you are, and if you ever need an extra user, some more training or something special built for you, we’re just a phone call away.

Why trust SRA?

SRA’s Business Intelligence practice includes 20+ highly skilled consultants working under industry best practice with a clear focus on client outcomes.  Our strength lies in our ability to rapidly identify business needs and align these with the right reporting and analytical tools to provide our clients with guidance and better decision making powers.

We specialise in 4 key areas based on market demand:


  • Information Strategies
  • BI Reviews
  • Maturity Assessments
  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance


  • Business Requirements Data Modeling
  • Data Integration
  • Data Migration
  • Dashboards
  • Ad-Hoc Reporting
  • Analytics
  • Mobile Solutions


  • Installations
  • Patching & Upgrades
  • Application Admin
  • Security


  • Experienced & Certified
  • Beginner to Expert
  • SAP BusinessObjects
  • Jaspersoft
  • Yellowfin
  • Crystal Reports
  • IBM Cognos

SRA cultivates partnerships with the world’s leading Business Intelligence providers including SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, Tibco Jaspersoft and Yellowfin; plus we specialise in additional technology platforms such as IBM Cognos, Informatica, SAS, Talend, DataFlux and Tableau etc.

While many projects undertaken by SRA’s Business Intelligence team are commercial in confidence and internally used by world leading companies and Government Departments, some high level examples of our work include:

  • Complete BI Strategy and Implementation for State Wide Utility Companies
  • Embedding BI into Government websites for consumers access
  • Supporting BI for emergency and law enforcement organisations
  • Designing and implementing production analytics for major manufacturers
  • Creation of safety analytics and portals for industry and Government
  • Quality assurance of data for health organisations
  • Budgeting and forecasting for financial institutions and Government
  • Enterprise reporting and training for industry and Government
  • Retail reporting for sales within multiple industries

We believe the proof is in the pudding and let our client list, case studies, white papers, awards and testimonials tell an unbiased story.

How do you learn more?

We are always available via 1300 855 396 or so please get in touch for more info and stay tuned for a series of roadshows where we bring the Self-Service Package to a city near you in 2015.

Please subscribe to our blog and following us on LinkedIn and lots more information is located on our website:

Happy New Year! – What will SRA bring to market in 2015?

Welcome to the New Year!

The team at SRA are hugely excited about 2015.

We have big plans in place across our 3 core specialties including new innovation, new team development and new opportunities for our clients to take advantage of.

The purpose of this post is to give you a sneak peek into some key initiatives we will be undertaking in 2015.

Please read on for more detail…

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Welcome to the SRA blog!

Hello and welcome to the SRA Information Technology blog!

This is where we will be updating you on all things SRA.

The intent of this blog is to create a medium for us to deliver relevant news and content to audiences in our domain.

You can sign up to receive email notifications of new posts, which will be scheduled weekly and will touch on our areas of expertise.

Quick history lesson;

SRA have been providing expertise in IT solutions to corporate and government organisations, including some of the largest companies in the world, for over 20 years.  We are an Australian business founded in Adelaide with a local heart and international vision.

From humble beginnings we are now 100 people strong with 7 international offices in Darwin, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Canberra, Singapore & Houston.

We challenge industries, governments and communities through innovative technology solutions, leading edge methodology and world class service. Our objective is to ensure you will want to work with us again, as well as spread your enthusiasm to others.

Our business is made up of 3 specific streams;

  1. IT Professional Services
  2. Business Intelligence
  3. Environment & Sustainability

Follow on below for details on each of our streams…

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