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Dive into history at IKUWA6


SRA Information Technology (SRA) are excited to be sponsoring the sixth International Congress on Underwater Archaeology (IKUWA6) which is being held outside Europe, in the Southern Hemisphere for the first time.

IKUWA6 is being held at the Western Australian Maritime Museum, in Fremantle from Monday 28th November until Friday 2nd December.

2016 marks the 400th Anniversary of Dutch seafarer Dirk Hartog landing in Shark Bay, WA. His landing was the first recorded landfall by a European in WA, and the inscribed pewter plate he left behind to commemorate his voyage in 1616 is the earliest archaeological evidence of a European visit in Australia. Hartog’s landing heralded the beginning of a series of explorations by English, Dutch and French navigators, many of whom called at Shark Bay and charted its waters.


IKUWA6 is an excellent opportunity for southern and northern hemisphere practitioners to interact directly and exchange research, knowledge, ideas and cross-cultural perspectives with international colleagues from around the world.

The conference theme Celebrating Our Shared Heritage supports a broad, internationally focused agenda and offers a great opportunity for IKUWA to reach new audiences; stamp its mark on the Asia-Pacific region; and exchange research, knowledge and ideas with international colleagues from around the world.

The program includes educational and informative conference sessions, poster presentations and some exciting field trips.

SRA became involved with IKUWA through the Australian National Shipwreck Database (ANSDB).  The Department of Environment and Energy worked with SRA Information Technology (SRA) to develop the ANSDB.

Launched in December 2009, ANSDB provides information on all known shipwrecks and sites in Australian waters, including related images and recovered relics.  It provides divers and site managers with location environment information, including historical passenger and crew documents.

ANSDB incorporates an integrated management system to facilitate online permit applications and notifications.

For more information visit:


Australian National Shipwreck Database

SRA Information Technology


Future Cities = Opportunity

For a number of years there has been a well-known shift in the population base from rural sectors to urban, more specifically cities. Many analysts also predict this trend to continue, with some statistics suggesting most of the population will live in cities in the future.

This brings with it interesting challenges, as well as exciting opportunities. Many of the fundamental reasons why citizens are moving to the cities are associated with increased services and opportunities.

Whether its access to better healthcare, education, job opportunities or simply visit as a tourist to spend a short time enjoying a well-earned break, cities need to cater accordingly.

Many cities already actively compete for the approval of their constituents, to ensure economic and social prosperity, but many also compete with other cities for status. Mayors work hard to build vibrancy and ensure opportunities exist in their community and are increasingly held accountable; even more so than their National Government elected officials. Mayors are often much closer to their constituents, giving them a unique opportunity to hear their demands and, due to the size of their community, make significant changes and realise benefits more rapidly.

During my travels throughout Asia, I have not met a mayor that wasn’t interested in having a “dashboard” that could provide a whole city view, measure its pulse and understand where things are and/or aren’t working at any given time. Yet, this desire is seldom met.

circle image 2

The advent and emphasis on the “Internet of Things (IoT)” provides a huge opportunity to measure and evaluate, be pro-active in decision making and finally realise the vision of a dashboard view of the business.

Many cities are already monitoring and collecting data on weather, water levels, transport networks, population movement, environmental impact and energy usage, with some measuring less tangible aspects such as city health, the benefits of innovation programs and economic standing.

Data management and analysis however, is where many cities struggle. SRA Information Technology has coordinated the collection, analysis and reporting of data from an environmental perspective for more than 20 years.

That, and the dream of an “interconnected city” inspired SRA to participate in the Future Cities Asia Summit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and to sponsor the “Environment & Energy Track”. SRA saw this as a great opportunity to stimulate debate and bring together industry thought leaders with senior city and provincial government officials.

Future Cities 2

There were 150 attendees representing Asian City, Provincial and some National Government Agencies, along with academia from key Universities and “think-tanks” and donor organisations. The Future Cities Asia Summit covered topics ranging from Environment and Energy, and Communications through to Water Usage, Transportation and other associated themes.

The summit vindicated SRA’s strategy on internet connected, IoT based solutions.  Our ability to build and deliver on this strategy will facilitate the realisation of the “Mayor’s Dashboard” very soon.

SRA has extensive experience managing the business benefits of monitoring environmental sensors. Whether it be reducing carbon emissions, managing waste, effective land planning, flora and fauna impact, or compliance and remediation, SRA has developed solutions to support these strategies.

There is now an opportunity to take this further. Typically, we have monitored point solutions, but the real strength and opportunity of the IoT is the bringing together and aggregation of data from multiple disparate sources; and being able to analyse trends, predict outcomes and take action.

For instance, imagine the benefits of replacing cameras monitoring waterways (visual monitoring of flood levels) with sensors that provide water level, water quality and pollutant level, cross referenced with transport, demographic and weather data. It would deliver insight into: the susceptibility of the population of an area to disease as water levels rise; accessibility for emergency services; and relief options. Overlaid in a spatial dashboard, it could provide city officials and planners with a single view. It could also be used to provide citizens themselves with vital information.

These and other aspects were all common debates during the Future Cities Asia Summit, and whilst there are some that are well on their way to driving this, the opportunity exists for many cities to benefit significantly from the work to date, and potentially “leap-frog” several steps in the roadmap.

What is the opportunity for your city?

Learn more about SRA’s environmental data management system – EnviroSys.

SRA wins Sustainability iAward

SRA Information Technology (SRA) is the proud winner of the Sustainability iAward for their newly released Insight Dashboard (iD) at the South Australian State and Northern Territory iAwards.


Industry research and stakeholder engagement indicated our clients were looking for a visual tool to help make business decisions.  We responded by leveraging more than 10 years of knowledge and experience to develop a solution – iD.

iD is a visualisation tool that compliments EnviroSysTM, SRA’s world renowned environmental data management system (EDMS), by bringing vital information to the user through one intuitive dashboard.

Insight Dashboard is a mix of innovation and practicality, delivering:

  • Critical compliance monitoring
  • Instant notifications
  • Data completeness assessment
  • Spatial analysis and spatial awareness
  • Multi-platform and multi-device compatibility
  • Simple, user-focussed, fast functionality

As a result of winning the South Australia State and Northern Territory iAward for Sustainability, iD is now in the running for the National Sustainability iAward, which will be announced at the National iAwards in Melbourne this August.

The iAward for Sustainability recognises organisations using ICT innovation that helps offset, or at least minimise, ‘the consequences of development and economic growth while meeting the needs that demand such development and growth’.

iD achieves this by summarising mission critical information required for business decisions into a single dashboard, giving organisations transparency about their compliance level and confidence that the data they are collecting is complete and current. This translates to informed decisions in appropriate timeframes, mitigating potential negative impacts to production, the community and, ultimately, the environment.

SRA’s New Product Manager, Stuart van de Water was excited to accept the award as it validates the time and effort put into developing a tool that specifically targets stakeholder needs.

“The intention of iD was for the information to find the user, not the other way around. iD achieves this by combining the important, relevant and impactful information pertinent to the user, into one visually attractive and functional dashboard. Simply by accessing the software’s home page the user has all the information they need to make decisions and take action as soon as possible,” Stuart said.

You can view a webinar about iD here.

You can view the complete list of iAwards winners here.

SRA – transforming environmental data management

Stuart van de Water, SRA’s New Product Manager – Environmental – presenting SRA’s latest offering in environmental data management at the 3rd ICT Roadmap Roundtable in Adelaide.

Listen to Stuart explain how SRA plans to transform the way businesses manage their environmental data responsibilities.

A Self-Service Environmental Systems Portal that delivers a cloud-based, best practice environmental data management platform that won’t cost the earth.

Keep checking back as we plan to build our newly created youtube channel to be a source of interesting and informative clips regarding:

  • SRA
  • Our products and services
  • Developments in IT, data management and business intelligence


Happy New Year! – What will SRA bring to market in 2015?

Welcome to the New Year!

The team at SRA are hugely excited about 2015.

We have big plans in place across our 3 core specialties including new innovation, new team development and new opportunities for our clients to take advantage of.

The purpose of this post is to give you a sneak peek into some key initiatives we will be undertaking in 2015.

Please read on for more detail…

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Welcome to the SRA blog!

Hello and welcome to the SRA Information Technology blog!

This is where we will be updating you on all things SRA.

The intent of this blog is to create a medium for us to deliver relevant news and content to audiences in our domain.

You can sign up to receive email notifications of new posts, which will be scheduled weekly and will touch on our areas of expertise.

Quick history lesson;

SRA have been providing expertise in IT solutions to corporate and government organisations, including some of the largest companies in the world, for over 20 years.  We are an Australian business founded in Adelaide with a local heart and international vision.

From humble beginnings we are now 100 people strong with 7 international offices in Darwin, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Canberra, Singapore & Houston.

We challenge industries, governments and communities through innovative technology solutions, leading edge methodology and world class service. Our objective is to ensure you will want to work with us again, as well as spread your enthusiasm to others.

Our business is made up of 3 specific streams;

  1. IT Professional Services
  2. Business Intelligence
  3. Environment & Sustainability

Follow on below for details on each of our streams…

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