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RSPCA Analytics: Case Study Event


RSPCA SA now uses customised dashboards to deliver insight across the organisation, in real-time.

Together, RSPCA SA, SRA and Yellowfin have modernised charity and NFP data analysis and management with a world leading Business Intelligence program.

The RSPCA is hosting an event to showcase their achievement, facilitate networking  and provide the opportunity for you to learn how you too can implement and use customised dashboards to:
– Target Marketing Investment       – Reduce Attrition Rates
– Increase Income per Donor          – Target Your Demographic
– Predict and Forecast Revenue       – And More

If there is someone else you think should be attending this event, please feel free to share this with them.

4-6pm on Thursday 16th June 2016

RSPCA South Australia
16 Nelson Street
Stepney  SA 5069

RSVP using the link below or by emailing: natasha.wojcik@sra.com.au



SRA to revolutionise search & rescue efforts!

Minister for Business Peter Styles announced SRA would receive a Northern Territory Government Business Innovation Support Initiatives (BISI) grant from the latest funding round to help them develop a search and rescue drone.

“SRA will use its grant to develop a prototype for an unmanned, aerial Search and Rescue System, or drone, which has the potential to save lives,” Mr Styles said.

“Innovative businesses are proven to be more sustainable, productive and efficient and, in turn, employ more people.

“The Country Liberals Government recognises innovation is an important economic driver and the BISI program is helping to foster a culture of innovation within the NT business community.”

The project will see the creation of a remotely controlled or automated aircraft that can be deployed during rescue situations.

The prototype will be tested for range, flight time, stability, environmental implications and ability to deploy thermal and HD imaging.

“SRA is extremely excited about the prospect of progressing this project which otherwise might have faced delays,” said SRA CEO Steve Rowe.

“It could potentially increase safety of both emergency personnel and casualties by acting as a forward scout to identify safe approach routes during rescues and even delivering items such as blankets or radios to the casualty.

“This technology could also significantly reduce the cost of rescue operations through the reduction of expensive helicopter hours.”

Drone cartoon Colin Wicking

The BISI program launched on 1 July 2014 and is designed to encourage and enable innovation within the Northern Territory business community.

Link to NT News article

Link to Government announcement

SRA wins Sustainability iAward

SRA Information Technology (SRA) is the proud winner of the Sustainability iAward for their newly released Insight Dashboard (iD) at the South Australian State and Northern Territory iAwards.


Industry research and stakeholder engagement indicated our clients were looking for a visual tool to help make business decisions.  We responded by leveraging more than 10 years of knowledge and experience to develop a solution – iD.

iD is a visualisation tool that compliments EnviroSysTM, SRA’s world renowned environmental data management system (EDMS), by bringing vital information to the user through one intuitive dashboard.

Insight Dashboard is a mix of innovation and practicality, delivering:

  • Critical compliance monitoring
  • Instant notifications
  • Data completeness assessment
  • Spatial analysis and spatial awareness
  • Multi-platform and multi-device compatibility
  • Simple, user-focussed, fast functionality

As a result of winning the South Australia State and Northern Territory iAward for Sustainability, iD is now in the running for the National Sustainability iAward, which will be announced at the National iAwards in Melbourne this August.

The iAward for Sustainability recognises organisations using ICT innovation that helps offset, or at least minimise, ‘the consequences of development and economic growth while meeting the needs that demand such development and growth’.

iD achieves this by summarising mission critical information required for business decisions into a single dashboard, giving organisations transparency about their compliance level and confidence that the data they are collecting is complete and current. This translates to informed decisions in appropriate timeframes, mitigating potential negative impacts to production, the community and, ultimately, the environment.

SRA’s New Product Manager, Stuart van de Water was excited to accept the award as it validates the time and effort put into developing a tool that specifically targets stakeholder needs.

“The intention of iD was for the information to find the user, not the other way around. iD achieves this by combining the important, relevant and impactful information pertinent to the user, into one visually attractive and functional dashboard. Simply by accessing the software’s home page the user has all the information they need to make decisions and take action as soon as possible,” Stuart said.

You can view a webinar about iD here.

You can view the complete list of iAwards winners here.


SRA Information Technology’s Canberra office has a cricket team scoring runs in more ways than one.

As a workplace team building activity, SRA Canberra staff formed a team – the SRA Spams – to participate the Six a Side Cricket Tournament in Canberra on Sunday, February 8th.  The aim was for SRA staff and their families to spend an enjoyable day together, as well as some team building amongst staff.

Sixteen teams participated in the Tournament, with the SRA Spams making it into the Grand Final.  The Grand Final was a close match with the last ball of the match deciding the result.

The SRA Spams had a successful day, coming runners up in the Grand Final and taking home two player awards.

Shane Rattenbury, ACT Government Minister for Sports & Recreation, was the Chief Guest at the tournament.


The SRA Spams (from left to right ) are:

  • Prasanna Illukkumbura
  • Sudesh Ranasinghe
  • Umesh Kodippili
  • Irantha Rajapaksha
  • Darshana Hettiarachchi
  • Chanura Hemal
  • Jim Rowe (not present)

Awards received by SRA:

  • Runners-up Awards in Canberra Cricket Sixes 2015 Tournament
  • Best Batsman of the Tournament – Irantha Rajapaksha
  • Best Bowler of the Tournament – Darshana Hettiarachchi